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March 19, 2020 8:28 PM

COVID-19 Pandemic

For more information on COVID-19 and how it relates to Grant County, visit the Grant County COVID-19 information page ( It will be updated daily with information on local programs as well as government directives and declarations. For questions or concerns please direct your queries to or call the EOC help line at 541-575-0520.

We would urge those who present with COVID-19 symptoms to call 211 or the Grant County Health Department at 541-575-0429.

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Latest Update:

May 20, 2020 5:03 PM

We have been monitoring the weather and river/stream levels since yesterday. The National Weather Service forecast yesterday did not expect the amount of precision we received and Canyon Creek rising 1 inch an hour for 13 hours. We have asked for and received a special weather briefing from the NWS.

Galena experienced flooding in some areas today and middle fork road is closed at this time in and around that area with water and debris over the roadway. One home is surrounded by water and we have had contact with them, they do not have any requests for assistance at this time. No idea when middle fork will reopen. The County Road Department has equipment on site. Contact the road department for details.

Minor flooding usual areas Hwy 395 South of Canyon City and along Canyon Creek. No evacuations no sand bagging at this time. Canyon City will monitor the creek and bridges tonight and SAR will check again in the morning and as needed. The County has filled sandbags around the County and at the County Shops if they are needed. We have been visually checking Canyon Creek since yesterday morning. SAR has made contact with several residents along Canyon Creek, Hwy 395 and in CC and JD. SAR helped two residents remove pumps and equipment near Canyon Creek along SW Brent Drive.

Other areas in county checked today and look okay at this time. NWS says maybe 2/10 more rain till 9pm and about 3/10 inch precipitation tomorrow afternoon then clearing weather patten.

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May 14, 2020 2:19 PM

Grant County has been approved for Phase 1 reopening on May 15. For information on Reopening Guidelines and resources for business as they reopen go to
March 30, 2020 1:58 PM

The Grant County Health Department has decided to release information on a daily basis and will be available on the Grant County COVID-19 Information Page. This information will also be released to various media outlets. The information on the OHA’s (Oregon Health Authority) web site may or may not be the same as you find there, but the information found there will be the most accurate, up-to-date information.

Grant County COVID-19 Information