County Compensation ADVISORY Board


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STATUS          NAME               TERM          EXPIRES

  • Louis Provencher, Term expires June 30, 2026
  • Judy Kerr, Term expires June 30, 2024
  • Tom Olson, Term expires June 30, 2025


Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 204.121

Three members, knowledgeable in personnel and compensation management, serve a three-year term and meet annually or as deemed necessary to review and consider a compensation schedule for county elective officers mentioned in ORS 204.005. The county compensation board members shall prepare and approve by majority vote a recommended compensation schedule for elective officers and submit the recommended compensation in an advisory manner to the Grant County Court. The board is a formal public body required to comply with Oregon Public Meetings Law ORS 192.610.

The Grant County Compensation Board is a mandated board and is appointed by the Grant County Court as an advisory board to the Court.