Documents and Records Requests

Please see our official records policy for complete details on public records requests.

Dispatch only processes requests for dispatch records, never law enforcement case files.  The public must complete a public records request form and are required to follow the records request procedure as outlined.  Records that are related to a case that is still pending are not released without the approval of the District Attorney.  

If a copy of the police report or bodycam recording is requested, the requestor must contact the police agency directly.

 If a copy is requested by a private party or an individual not affiliated with a public safety agency, the personal information of the subjects involved in the call will be redacted from the copy before being released to the requestor.  This includes the subject’s date of birth, license/ID number, social security number, phone number, and any other personal information. 

Costs for records requests are as follows:

Copies of Public Records: $0.25 per page, Certified copies for $3.75

Recordings of Meetings: $10.00

Public Records on CD: $25.00 per disk.

Other charges may apply for labor costs or non-standard requests, please see section 3.1 of the Records Policy for a complete breakdown of request costs.