The Blue Mountain Hospital Ambulance is an emergency room on wheels, responding to medical emergencies throughout Grant County.

Emergency Care

Qualified paramedics, highly trained to state and national standards, are on alert 24 hours a day. In any emergency, call 911 to report your circumstance so dispatchers can get you the help you need.

Advanced life support units are based in John Day, supporting basic life support units stationed in Mount Vernon, Long Creek, Seneca, Prairie City and Monument.


We bring service with a smile, providing caring and compassionate attention no matter the circumstance.

Medical Care

Skilled emergency medical technicians are prepared to deal with any medical emergency, from trauma to illness to injury.

Other Emergencies

Our crews are specially trained to in vehicle extrications, rope rescues and search-and-rescue operations.


Ambulance units carry the most-to-date equipment and medicines to provide the very best on-scene care.


Services are covered by Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance. Two carriers - Airlink and Life Flight - together provide Grant County with complete airlift service coverage to advanced medical care in Bend, Portland and Boise. We strongly recommend having the affordable air life insurance from both companies to ensure that you have complete coverage if you ever need to utilize the airlift services.


In addition to Healthcare Provider CPR, we offer Heartsaver First Aid / CPR / Automated External Defibrillators (AED) and Emergency Medical Responder classes so that you can learn to help a relative, a neighbor or a friend. Contact us at 541-575-1311 for the current class schedule.