The John Day and Grant County Regional Airport Terminal is one of the newest, most energy efficient, environmentally friendly structures of its kind anywhere in the Pacific Northwest.


The spacious modern public service facility is adjoined to an equally efficient United States Forest Service (USFS) Helibase complex from which wildfire suppression efforts can be staged and executed.

Multi-use Facility

Designed as a multi-use facility, the terminal houses two conference rooms, including a conference room upstairs and the main training room downstairs, with overhead audio-visual presentation equipment, and multiple in-floor IT terminals.

Flexible panel partitioning with a plethora of seating and table arrangements make an ideal location for events and presentations.

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Terminal Lobby - Stairs

Terminal Features

The terminal is open M-Sat 8-4 October-June (except most holidays) and M-Sun 7-7 July-September during the day and at night by appointment. For more information about availability contact:

Haley Walker, Manager
72000 Airport Road
John Day, OR. 97845
Phone: 541-575-1151
Email Haley Walker