Elected Sheriff

The current elected term is the fifth for Sheriff Glenn Palmer.

Grant County Sheriffs Office - American Flag and Sheriff Badge


The Grant County Sheriff's Office currently employs 17 full-time staff. These employees consist of:

  • Sheriff
  • Under Sheriff
  • Patrol Sergeant
  • 3 Patrol / Criminal Deputies
  • 2 Corrections Sergeants
  • 8 Jail Staff
  • 4 Part-Time Correction Deputies
  • 1 Civil / Clerical Deputy


The agency is complemented with numerous volunteers for search and rescue, as well as a reserve patrol staff.

Organization Pillars


Grant County Sheriff's Office takes pride in the delivery of security to its citizenry to maintain a peaceful community.


Our staff and deputies take pride in their work and strive to deliver the highest quality service possible in Grant County.


In our offices and jails, Grant County promises the best care and compassion in order to preserve the service we provide.


  • Sheriff: Glenn E. Palmer
  • Undersheriff: Zach Mobley
  • Patrol Sergeant: Dan Komning
  • Civil Deputy: Anna Marie Kuhn

More Information

For more information about the department, visit the Grant County Sheriff's Office.