The Grant County Planning Department manages the County's land use and community development.


The Planning Department handles:

  • Planning/zoning permits
  • Building permits  -  Building inspections are conducted every Tuesday. 
  • Assignment of addresses outside city limits
  • Flood development permits

We can also can provide information about on site septic and other building related topics.

Land Use Plan & Zoning

The Department implements the County's Comprehensive Land Use Plan and Zoning Ordinances by anticipating opportunities as well as ensuring that infrastructure and public services can accommodate the proposed land use developments.

Codes & Regulations

The Planning Department is also responsible for ensuring that state, regional and local community planning goals are accommodated through established development codes and regulations.

Land Use Applications 

The Department processes land use applications that may be handled through Administrative Review or taken to public hearing before the Planning Commission.

View land use plans and land development codes.

Agendas and Minutes

View Planning Commission Agendas and Minutes.