Trowbridge Pavilion

Trowbridge Pavilion - Another view of the hall full of seated people

The Trowbridge Pavilion is a 140 by 80 building, completely enclosed and perfect for large events. As with all fairgrounds buildings, heating, electrical and other additional services are added to the base cost of the rental.


  • Space: 7,200 square feet


  • Exhibit booths along walls
  • Large loading door
  • Restrooms

The base price includes the use of the first 25 tables and 100 chairs. Additional tables at $2 each and chairs at $1 each.

Additional Rental Options

  • Drapes and poles system
  • Kitchen (modernized in 2011) and includes:
    • 300 count place setting with wine glasses
    • Commercial freezer
    • Dishwasher
    • Gas oven with grill
    • Mixer
    • Refrigerator
  • Podium
  • Public Address (PA) system
  • Stage

Rental Rates

  • Base rental cost: $600


View a small gallery of photos showcasing the Trowbridge Pavilion.

More Information

Please call 541-575-1900 for any additional price quotes or needs.