Incident Annexes

While the County Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) has been developed as an all-hazards planning document, some hazards may require unique considerations. To that end, Incident Annexes (IAs) supplement the Basic Plan to identify critical tasks particular to specific natural, technological, and human-caused hazards identified in the County’s most current Hazard Identification and Vulnerability Assessment.

Step-by-Step Actions

The Incident Annex identifies step-by-step actions for each hazard through the pre-incident, response, and recovery phases of an incident.

Adherence to National Incident Management System

Grant County, our incorporated cities and Tribe have a similar and standardized EOP. The Office of Oregon Emergency Management on behalf of the State of Oregon also follows an EOP for coordination of State Department response, resource requests, state declarations and federal resource assistance.

The adherence to the National Incident Management System (NIMS) at all levels of government in the planning and response phases provides for a continuity of response from initiation through recovery regardless of agency involvement.