Staff & Responsibilities


Staff support for the County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is derived from several sources based on the response conditions and staffing needs:

  • Contracted personnel
  • County employed personnel and elected officials
  • Credentialed local governmental and public safety employees 
  • Credentialed personnel from mutual aid resources
  • Volunteers  spontaneous (not credentialed)
  • Volunteers pre-credentialed


EOC staff follow an organized management structure as directed by the National Incident Management System (NIMS) guidelines to coordinate and manage EOC response and recovery activities. The organizational framework is divided into five sections that can be expanded or contracted based on the incident type and length of operations. 

Full Activation

The County Emergency Operations Center when fully activated (Type 1) could staff as many as 10 to 20 positions. There are several teams of support staff that could be activated to augment the leadership functions within the sections:

  • Call takers
  • Debris management teams
  • Field observers
  • Joint information center support staff
  • Scribes
  • Technical specialists