Emergency Communication & Public Information

Emergency Management Division has communication oversight for:

  • County based emergency notification systems (Grant County Alerts, EAS, IPAWS)
  • Auxiliary emergency communications (amateur radio) 
  • Public messaging before, during and after events in coordination with county, local, regional, state and federal Public Information Officers (PIOs)

Federal & State Communication

The 2014 National Emergency Communications Plan (NECP) provides information and guidance to those that plan for, coordinate, invest in, and use operable and interoperable communications for response and recovery operations. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of Emergency Communications (OEC) worked closely with more than 350 federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial jurisdictions, private sector representatives, and other stakeholders to update the NECP with the goal of bringing public safety communications into the 21st century.

System Updates

To address the rapidly evolving emergency communications landscape, the NECP emphasizes the need to enhance and update the policies, governance structures, plans, and protocols that enable responders to communicate and share information under all circumstances. As a stakeholder-driven plan, the NECP aims to maximize the use of all communications capabilities available to emergency responders – voice, video, and data – and to ensure the security of data and information exchange.

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Auxiliary Emergency Communications

Grant County Emergency Management is designated as the responsible local agency for coordinating auxiliary emergency communications on behalf of Grant County communities.

Coordinating Resources

The current structure allows the Grant County Emergency Management to coordinate emergency communication resources from various groups including:

  • Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES)
  • Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)
  • Grant County Amateur Radio Club (GCARC)
  • Radio Amateur Communications Emergency Service (RACES)
  • And other organizations in the best interest of the County

Grant County Amateur Radio Club

The mission of the Grant County Amateur Radio club program is to provide communications support to the County in the event of a declared disaster or community need.

Public Notification of Emergency Messaging

Grant County has several ways to notify the public of emergency situations and community information pre and post disaster response. Community members are encouraged to opt-in and subscribe to our local emergency notification system, Alertsense Mass Notification System. We can’t alert you, if we can’t reach you.