Letter from Board of Commissioners

This recognition is the result of effectively implementing emergency preparedness in collaboration with cities, tribal, public safety, health care and the citizens of Grant County. By utilizing a “whole community” model we can accomplish our primary objectives.  A successful emergency management program saves lives, prevents injuries, protects property, mitigates risks and protects the environment.  

Natural, technological, and human-caused hazards can take a high toll on our communities.  Our resiliency to these emergencies includes planning and implementing prioritized measures that allow us to restore vital services after damaging events. 

The County continues to work with local, regional and federal partners to assess our community needs during a potential disaster and development of necessary plans to mitigate, respond to and recover from the effects of such hazards.

We encourage everyone to take a few moments to review this overview guide to get a better understanding of our comprehensive emergency management program and our commitment and dedication to be ready for any emergency or natural disaster our communities may face.


Grant County Board of Commissioners