Child Support

Case Worker

The Grant County District Attorney's Office child support enforcement worker is Michele McManama.


The Child Support Division provides several services.

Collect Support

After you obtain a support order, the District Attorney's Office will try to collect support in various ways, including withholding of wages or other benefits such as unemployment, worker's compensation or retirement.

We will automatically intercept any state or federal tax refunds of the non-supporting parent if there is past due support. We may also file contempt proceeding for failing to obey the support order.

Establish Paternity

Establishing paternity is the legal term for determining the biological father of the child. If a father is not listed on the birth certificate, legal paternity must be established in order to obtain a support order for the child or obtain an order for health care coverage or cash medical support.

Establish a Support Order

If paternity is not an issue, the first step in establishing a child support order is to determine the amount of child and medical support to be paid. This is determined by the Oregon Child Support Guidelines. These guidelines are approved by legislation and are used in all child support cases. The Guidelines are based on an income-share formula, in which the incomes of both parents are considered.

To estimate how much child support payments may be, the Oregon Child Support Program has created an Guideline Calculator that uses these guidelines.

Interstate Services

When the obligated parent lives in another state, our office will forward a request to the other state to collect support. The District Attorney's office must rely on the other state to handle the case. The District Attorney's office also accepts requests from the custodial parent in another state to collect support from a parent who lives in Oregon.

Modify a Support Order

Either party may request a review of their support order amount after 35 months since the last order or if there has been a substantial change of circumstances. Some examples of significant changes are: physical custody of the child has changed, the needs of the child have changed, the number of children involved has changed or the income of one or both of the parents has changed.

Child Support Payments (CSP)

Please note that child support payments are not accepted at the District Attorney's Office. Instead, please clearly mark your CSP number on the check and mail it to:
Department of Justice
Child Support Program
P.O. Box 14506
Salem, OR 97309