District Attorney

The District Attorney's Office has two divisions: Criminal Prosecution and Victim Assistance.

Criminal Prosecution

The Criminal Prosecution Division is responsible for:

  • Preparing and filing formal charges against defendants
  • Conducting hearings and trials associated with those charges
  • Advising local law enforcement agencies during investigations and obtaining evidence for use in criminal matters

Legal Advice & Investigations

The District Attorney's Office is prohibited by law from giving citizens general legal advice, ORS ch. 8.726. You must consult a private attorney for those matters. If you need assistance finding an attorney, contact the Oregon State Bar.

It is not the District Attorney's Office role to investigate criminal cases. Please report crimes to local law enforcement. You can find links to each local law enforcement agency in our Quick Links section.

Victim Assistance Program

The Victim Assistance Program is responsible for:

  • Responding on scene, when requested, to domestic violence and sexual assault incidents Informing victims of their rights
  • Notifying victims of their case status and providing court accompaniment
  • Assisting with restitution
  • Assisting with restraining orders
  • Assisting with Crime Victims' Compensation applications
  • Providing referrals to outside agencies, such as social services and community services

for additional information

Email the District Attorney's Office or call 541-575-0146.