Region 6 Malheur Helibase

Malheur Rappel Crew - U.S. Forest Service Badge

Malheur Rappel Crew

The Malheur Rappel Crew is stationed at the John Day, Oregon airport. Established in 1971, the John Day facility is now the national training center for all OAS/FS rappel training, in addition to a full Helitack and Rappel crew for firefighting.

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Interagency Helicopter Rappel Program

The Interagency Helicopter Rappel Program embodies a highly specialized method of aerial delivery of wildland firefighters and allows us to move rappel resources between geographic areas. This allows us to provide an effortless exchange of any rappeler or group of rappelers, their equipment and helicopter with a minimum delay.

Rappelling provides for rapid deployment of personnel nationwide in areas with limited landing areas. Whether it be for fire suppression, medevac or any of the all-risk scenarios we may face in the future, R6/National Academy provides the best possible training to meet these demands and provide the services to which we have dedicated ourselves.

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